Nu postin for the beep boop

2015-09-04 17:58:30 by IndustryStandard

So i made another song(two actually, since my last post) and though i hate making these posts because i really have to stretch to find something to say other than "new song go listen(link)" I don't want my last post(and the song i was promoting on it) to stay front and center because I'm not all that fond of said song haha.

but HEY, if you want to hear my two newest pieces, the first is a little jingle called Child's Play(no relation to the horror movie series). I feel it has a very childish vibe to it, but with a meloncholy undertone. Fun fact, the working title for the track was "Boohoo Choochoo". That shit's got assonance AND a rhyme scheme yeah BOIS.

The second, more recent track is a videogame loop called What a Waste. Some of the dynamic and mixing details got fucked up somewhere between converting it from Reason to .wav and .wav to .mp3 but it came out allright; the only major detail i noticed aside from a slight drop in sound quality is it's a little hard to hear one of the backing percussion tracks but everything else sounds fine. But yeah, comment, review, rate, star, download, any of the above are all appreciated, and thanks for listening!


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