I also learned how to cook today

2016-01-04 21:34:22 by IndustryStandard

AHA BUT WHAT IS THIS?? IT'S A NEW MUSIC. newsic. nusic. nu stick. nude stick. nude's dick. give it a lick. I mean listen. whatever. 


But the important question is, would you be interested in a trailer that had this playing behind it? because i have one for sale, and nobody wants to buy it. They keep saying stuff like "I don't think that trailer is yours" and "How did you get this number?" and "BOY I'MA SWEARIN RIGHT UP TO THUH GUD LOWERED IF YOU DON' DUN STOP TRYIN'A SELL MY MO-BILE HOME I'MA SHOOCHA I SWEARA GAHD." hahaha people are weird


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