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So i made another song(two actually, since my last post) and though i hate making these posts because i really have to stretch to find something to say other than "new song go listen(link)" I don't want my last post(and the song i was promoting on it) to stay front and center because I'm not all that fond of said song haha.

but HEY, if you want to hear my two newest pieces, the first is a little jingle called Child's Play(no relation to the horror movie series). I feel it has a very childish vibe to it, but with a meloncholy undertone. Fun fact, the working title for the track was "Boohoo Choochoo". That shit's got assonance AND a rhyme scheme yeah BOIS.

The second, more recent track is a videogame loop called What a Waste. Some of the dynamic and mixing details got fucked up somewhere between converting it from Reason to .wav and .wav to .mp3 but it came out allright; the only major detail i noticed aside from a slight drop in sound quality is it's a little hard to hear one of the backing percussion tracks but everything else sounds fine. But yeah, comment, review, rate, star, download, any of the above are all appreciated, and thanks for listening!


2015-08-08 22:33:57 by IndustryStandard



I once tried to make a pop song. I then tried to sing to that pop song. That song was called Cardiac Arrest and can be found under my uploads, but it's mysteriously missing vocals *gasp* 8O *gasp*

turns out, I couldn't sing the part i wrote for the song. I tried again recently, having improved my modest vocal abilities somewhat, but NAY!!! Sing the song(well) I could not! But lo, I am indeed a wordsmith, and smithy me some verbs, nounds, adjectives, pronouns, etc, I did. And then I sang it. And then I mixed it. and then I uploaded it. Then I went to make a post about it, but realized as I started to do so that I am tired of making posts for songs because all I really want to say is "Here's a song" but I don't want to be so horribly droll, so rather I simply began typing. And now the post is too meta, but in a stupid backwords way. Like a reverse uroboros, twisting around backwards to shove it's head up it's own ass in an infinite circle. 

New Song: Mockingbird

2015-08-02 03:38:55 by IndustryStandard

another song to hopefully add lyrics to one day. Luckily(for me, i guess. or maybe for the song, I don't know), that day might be as soon as this coming friday! Here's hoping. in the meantime, here's the instrumental tracks:


Enjoy, and if you have any thoughts or pointers, I always love to read a good review!

Stay classy you beautiful puddles of mud

New Song: So it is

2015-06-02 03:00:09 by IndustryStandard

So it is

I actually wrote this one back when i was super depressed and jobless and not very good at making music, so when i returned to work on it recently it was only a 10 second loop. It was still an interesting idea though, and after adding a little more guitar here, a little reinstalling of Reason over there, and bob's you're uncle we have a song. Great guy, Bob. You should talk to him more often.

I want to add lyrics to this track, but i don't think my voice would quite work with the song, at least not in the lower register that I'm used to singing in. We'll see, it may be time to get weird with it, maybe try and figure out this little vocoder kajigermadoodle.

Hardwired world

I'm quite pleased with this one. I call it industrial, but i don't know if it actually is. there's just a fair bit of electric sounding bollocks and a decent amount of grit, plus a very pretty lead pad that brings the song both in and out beautifully. Like I said, I'm quite pleased. Quite, yes.

New Song: Punch Drunk

2015-05-25 03:02:05 by IndustryStandard

ANOTHER NEW SONG?!?!?! What does this guy do all day?!


drugs. the answer is drugs. 


anyway, the new track is called Punch Drunk, named so for the way that i did not spend a lot of time naming it. Or mixing it. To be honest this is still a bit of a work in progress, but the concept is clear and it's still a good track overall. Definitely going to go back and re-mix the prject though. not like, remix remix but just mix it again... but better. that might be a ways down the line though, i have a lot of procrastinating to do.

This is actually an old song, really. The first one I ever wrote. I've recorded it a few times now but for some reason it always feels unfinished to me. But i still like it as is, although i wish i were a little better at playing guitar. The riffing track in the background of this track is new, and the song as a whole is structured differently than the last time i recorded it, so i guess this is still a work in progress. If i ever finish it, I'll let you know!

New Song: Sepia Stones

2015-05-17 16:01:17 by IndustryStandard

I have posted anew! Song. A new song.

Sepia Stones is my most recent attempt at pop rock/folk. I tried to make this one sound like and old song being played on a record, and I don't think i quite achieved that but i still like the overall feel of the song. As far as something i made myself in just a couple of hours I'm fairly proud of it, but mostly I'm proud of how far I've come. It used to take me years of procrastination to write a song with vocals and guitar, but it's all coming a bit smoother now. Looking forward to writing more!

I just did the final mixing on my most recent track, The Etherfalls, and uploaded it for all to behold in wonderment or mild tedium. I'm hoping to add vocals to this track, although I don't think mine would quite work for the background music. I'm hoping to collaborate on that aspect of the project, but even without vocals i think this is one of my best so far.


2015-04-06 18:25:25 by IndustryStandard

Hey all! My name is Max, I'm a musician of some sort and I hope you like my music. That about sums me up. I usually play drums in a few local bands but a few years ago I got a copy of FL Studio, and more recently I bought myself a copy of Propellerhead's Reason, and I've discovered the marvelous world beep boop music and yes i know that's not technically a genre. I'm largely inspired by videogame soundtracks and would be so incredibly thrilled if someone wanted to collaborate or use my music for a videogame or other project, like, you don't even know. You just don't. Because if you ask my response will just be like "Yeah, hell yeah!" but that's not EVEN CLOSE to how damn thrilled I'd be. But until that happens, I'll be here making music.

stay classy you sexy motherfuckers.