I broke it

2015-11-08 22:50:04 by IndustryStandard

Well i don't know what i did but Reason crashes my computer every time I try to run it. Not immediately, either, it waits until I'm in the middle of doing something and then the entire computer goes to bluescreen with text that says "Crashing in progress, please wait" and then sometimes it goes to a black screen after that that says "I forgot how to computer so please either tell me how to again, or turn me off." At first i thought the CPU was overheating, but I gave it a pretty good cleaning and then it crashed on me again, so if the CPU is still overheating me and physics need to have a talk because fuck that guy amiriteladies. 

Anywho, the point is, help me please. thank you.


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2015-11-09 06:42:43


IndustryStandard responds:



2015-11-10 22:10:05

Are you on whatever browser u have or working on another software? A possibility is that it has a virus. Most likely from whatever browser you have. I'm no computer engineer or whatever but, u might have downloaded something with a virus or went to a virus filled website. Either find out what that program that has the virus and delete/reinstall it or reinstall your browser or switch to another one. This is only if u have a virus. Hopefully this helps, best wishes

IndustryStandard responds:

Thanks for the advice. I am fairly decent with computers and am always careful when i download things, so I'm pretty sure I don't have a virus. I also have a pretty decent antivirus and I've run scans recently(where it did find a few things) but those don't seem to have been the problem as my computer kept crashing. The good news is I upgraded to windows 10 to see if i like it, and so far Reason has been working so. Woo! I'm just gonna assume the problem is solved for now and make some more music.