2016-01-11 00:52:30 by IndustryStandard

I don't know how to simplify

Hey, y'all wanna hang out and get real sad together? You don't even have to, with the new and improved !!!

Sticking with the theme of guitar and vocals, I've written a new song, and it has a story, and that story is that it is sad. If you are sad, or for wahtever reason would like to be sad, you should listen to this and either be like "yah bruh i feel your feels" or "yeah bruh those are the feels i would like to feel" and proceed to maybe empathetically feel those feels along with the songs narrator(voiced by your's truly because i voice act in my own songs). But alas, I am hungry, so. bye.


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2016-01-11 05:41:26

I don't know if I feel those feels. Speaking as someone who has been considered a leech by her parents, I somehow wish that song had more depth. And part of me thinks that the lyrics here have been done before, too... but I guess that only underlines that feelings aren't necessarily original. They are shared.

It just felt hollow and meaningless to me, not tear-jerking in any way.

IndustryStandard responds:

It's not really meant to be a tear jerking song, my intention for it was to be more bitter, and in a way hollow i guess, as the narrator has decided that life is empty and pointless. The narrator isn't just considered a leech, his is one, and he's completely aware of this fact. I wrote it kind of from the viewpoint of myself when i was in a deep depression recently. I was miserable, and though I knew there were things i could to do help I just felt so hopeless that I didn't even want to try to change anything, it just seemed pointless; I was miserable, and no matter what i did all i could see was myself miserable no matter what, like there just weren't any other emotions available to me anymore. This lead to some substance abuse issues and just me generally letting my life fall apart. Fortunately, I did pull myself out of that tailspin, but i wrote the song from the point of view of someone who didn't; someone who just couldn't bring himself to try again, and instead leeched off of the ones who loved him until they were forced to push him away or else they'd end up just like him, until finally he finds himself alone, broke, without a home, and well aware that he put himself there, despite numerous helping hands who tried to get him back on his feet. Not an honorable man, not really even a pitiable man. Just a man who's fallen apart.

That's shitty that your parents consider you a leech, and i hope you find ways to cope with that, but like I said, that's not really what the song's about. If you're looking for empathy, this song is about realizing that you are the creator of your own misery, and lacking the will to change that. I guess in a way, it's about depression, but one specific(fictional) example.