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2017-10-05 19:51:40 by IndustryStandard

I made a new loop! An old friend and I are working on a simple RPG maker game, this is maybe going to be one of the songs in it? No real information on the game itself, other than there may be a farm in it and an enchanted forest.,so if you're some kind of mystical creature from the midwest, your demographic is now represented in the indie games.



Track: Sexy Ghost

Been a while

2016-06-28 20:16:46 by IndustryStandard

I haven't been posting much lately, but i just want to let you all know it's only because I have increadibly low self esteem and hate everything i do. just kidding. kinda. anyway

I just posted a new song, Technautical, my first attempt at a straight up techno track. Is it technically techno? I don't tech-know aha..haha. ha... Sounds kinda cool though, definitely give it a listen!

I also posted a game loop, Talking with Shadows, a while ago and forgot to make a post about it sooooooooo here ya go. a dark, atmospheric loop with some fun echo and drum work.

Both these songs i made for a friend of mine currently working on a game. No info on release dates or anything like that yet, but i hear through the grapevine that they have a semi-playable alpha up and running; not a whole lotta content yet but the foundation is down. 

By royal decree victor gets the spoils. Click here to find out why:

I'm a pretty musician

2016-02-04 17:15:24 by IndustryStandard

And I've made a new song! Do you want to hear it? because I want to you hear it. I bet you want to hear it. But do you want to hear it more than you want to feel like you aren't subject to the whims of your curiosity, eh? THAT is the question. or is it just A question. both? possibly. I don't claim to have all the answers. Anyway here's a link


2016-01-11 00:52:30 by IndustryStandard

I don't know how to simplify

Hey, y'all wanna hang out and get real sad together? You don't even have to, with the new and improved !!!

Sticking with the theme of guitar and vocals, I've written a new song, and it has a story, and that story is that it is sad. If you are sad, or for wahtever reason would like to be sad, you should listen to this and either be like "yah bruh i feel your feels" or "yeah bruh those are the feels i would like to feel" and proceed to maybe empathetically feel those feels along with the songs narrator(voiced by your's truly because i voice act in my own songs). But alas, I am hungry, so. bye.

AHA BUT WHAT IS THIS?? IT'S A NEW MUSIC. newsic. nusic. nu stick. nude stick. nude's dick. give it a lick. I mean listen. whatever.

But the important question is, would you be interested in a trailer that had this playing behind it? because i have one for sale, and nobody wants to buy it. They keep saying stuff like "I don't think that trailer is yours" and "How did you get this number?" and "BOY I'MA SWEARIN RIGHT UP TO THUH GUD LOWERED IF YOU DON' DUN STOP TRYIN'A SELL MY MO-BILE HOME I'MA SHOOCHA I SWEARA GAHD." hahaha people are weird

Oops i did it again. I made a new song. I hope it's not lame. oh baby, baby.

That's right i ref B-spears what of it. 

I've been working on a few new tracks for an indie game currently in the works, I don't want to give away too much detail because I have no details to give away but trust me: It's gonna have many colors... I assume. This is the track in question:


Seriously though, I'm crazy excited to be working on this project, it's pushed me to try a few new things and made me think differently about my music than i have before. I'm still improving on my music every day and I've got a ways to go but this has been fun and different, and I'm crazy excited to see the game when it's finished. More details on that to come!

I fixed it

2015-12-05 01:52:24 by IndustryStandard

I upgraded to windows 10 and now Reason doesn't crash my computer! It took some coaxing to get it W10 to get along with my mootherboard but they're good friends now. or at least casual acquaintainces. It's hard to tell with computer hardware and operating systems. The point is, they have a good working relationship now, and it's saving HR a ton of time and resources. Corporate is pleased. Raises. Synergy. Etc.

Anyway, here's a new song I'm working on:

I broke it

2015-11-08 22:50:04 by IndustryStandard

Well i don't know what i did but Reason crashes my computer every time I try to run it. Not immediately, either, it waits until I'm in the middle of doing something and then the entire computer goes to bluescreen with text that says "Crashing in progress, please wait" and then sometimes it goes to a black screen after that that says "I forgot how to computer so please either tell me how to again, or turn me off." At first i thought the CPU was overheating, but I gave it a pretty good cleaning and then it crashed on me again, so if the CPU is still overheating me and physics need to have a talk because fuck that guy amiriteladies. 

Anywho, the point is, help me please. thank you.

A creeping suspicion...

2015-09-14 22:12:37 by IndustryStandard

that you should have used protection

Creeping Suspicion

Hi my names max, i made another song. It's a loop. You should listen to it. You should use it in your videogame, short movie, or other mixed-media project. and if you're a female who fits my description of attractive, you should come hang out with me. That'd be neat. Anyways goodbye.